Writer’s Resources

http://nanowrimo.org  Clear November calendar and join fellow wriers on the month-long challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

Can you write a story in six sentences? Submit your brief masterpiece for consideration here.

Filled with useful lessons and tips for adults and kids, WritingFix also offers a fun writing prompt generator.

General Resources
Having trouble naming your charcters? Find names of all orgins in one handy place.

“The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse poviding students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and informtion on the Web, free of charge.”

Everything you need to know about coyright law is right here. We highly recommend the FAQ section.

If you aren’t a part of the world’s largest social networking site, you need to be. Just don’t “poke” too many people.

In addition to a breadown of basic grammar and punctuation rules, this site offers fun interactive quizzes with answer keys and explanations

No best-of writing-websites list would be complete without Writer Beware, which is devoted to helping newbie wriers and seasoned authors alike avoid getting scammed.

All lovers of the English language can tahn Merriam-Webster for the great time waster. There are games, dalily buzzwords and trivia.

Publishing Resources
Search the Association of Authors’ Represntatives database to find vetted agents and their contact info. Check out the FAQs for a wonderful breakdown on what an agent can and can’t do for you.

Spend less time looking for an agent and more time writing with this free searchable database.

Prediotrs & Editors provides writers with information and contracts, as well as warnings about potential scams.

This site discusses the business side of writing and offers free downloads on marketing, research and career planning.

This chart comparison of print-on-demand publishers helps you learn the basics about each company. (Remember prices change, so use this as a starting point.)

Former Writer’s Digest editor Maria Schneider helps writers by sharing her expertise and writing tips, as well as providing interviews with high-profile authors.

Page ONE is a one-stop shop for author interviews, contest news, inspirational quotes and writing resources.

In one place, you can search for agents, view example query letters and schedule e-mail reminders to follow up on queries and submissions. What else do you need?

Read up-to-the-minute news for writers about the publishing industry.

Jump at the chance to connect with authors – bestsellers and up-and-comers alike-during live chats. And don’t miss Celebrity Sundays.

A great place for self-publishing resources and new wriers tips, this site also offers a substantial bank of reprinted articles on writing.

Writing Communities

The editors of this e-zine pride themselves on their accessibility: They reply personally to every author who querries and offer suggestions on how to improve work.

BookGlutton lets you share your manuscripts (in full, or chapter-by-chapter) with others, right in your browser, complete with built-in annotation and chat functions.

Writers of all genres are welcome to give and receive readers feedbac at Critque Circle. The site is free, but donations to support it are welcome.

Give and receive peer critiques, and hone your skills with Edit Red’s weekly writing challenges.

Boasting nearly 8,000 members, this forum has a Q&A section, a job thread and a critique section (for novels, nonfiction and scripts).

the Small Publisher, Artists and Writers Network helps you research resources, publishers, printers and the media.

Learn about the craft and business of genre fiction through this site. The many author interviews are a plus.


Get a better understanding of the ins and outs of writing for children’s magazines.

http://www.sfwa.org The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s website houses news, notes and writing tips for all who love these genres. Just be aware tht some of its functions (including the forum) are members only.

Everything you want to know about fictin – how to write better fiction, how to get your fiction published, how to promote and market your fictin – is here on this fun and useful website. You’ll also find genre-specific links.

Two editors share freelance tips and post frequently on topics such as career resources, media and getaways for writers.

Mort Castle, Tim Waggoner and others chime in on the art, craft and business of writing horror.

This site wears several hats, including social networker and publisher. We also like MoonTown’s YouTube channel were you can uplad videos of your poetry readings.

“Wild Poetry Forum is an online, interactive community of writers and poets striving to improve their writing skills and to share their creative thoughts with others.”

These romance writers feature live chats and interviews with authors and maintain an active forum.

The Romance Divas make the list. The site is useful, inspiring and easy to navigate.

Get a romance-writing fix of interviews, contests and chats.

While a little hard to navigate, this nonprofit site is dedicated to showcasing Christian authors, helping them to network, support and market their books.

Need a Jewish book author to speak at your conference or to your writing group: This site has all the info you need, along with author interviews and podcasts.

Read up on items of interst to Muslim writers, including scholarships, writing competitions, jobs and more.

Paula Schmitt’s literary magazine for moms is a great read. We really enjoy the “Ideas tht Spark” section.

WOW! Women on Writing is designed to support women throughout all stages of the writing process.

Fun For Writers

Plug in your headphones and let these author interviews inspire you as you write.

CoolStuff4Writers.com is home to the Book Doctor, who offers tips on book titles, word choices and ghostwriting.

Have trouble getting motivated? Use this free online countdown clock to get your rear in gear.

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