bite me photo: bite me biteme.jpg

by Greg Stolze

So, what’re you in for? Anorexia, bulimia? Oh c’mon, you got the look. Don’t pretend you don’t hear me.

You want to be a bitch, keep acting that way, but don’t look to the staff to put me away. That’s Fat Carey. He’s retiring in two months and can’t be bothered to fill out incident reports. 

They’re gonna eat you up and spit you out in group, you know. I’m sure you’re familiar with that, huh? Eating and spitting?

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Night Slayers: Dream Walker


by Petra Nova

             I stood in the cold, wrapping my arms around my chest as I watched my breath cloud in front of my mouth. I looked around, disoriented by unfamiliar surroundings. I was standing in the shallow end of a lake—the water reaching my mid-thighs—in jeans and a tank top. No wonder I was freezing my ass off. I turned as someone screamed.

            I wasn’t alone.

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Cooper’s Way


 by Emily St. Clair

Damn, the window looked so much bigger when you weren’t actually crawling through it.  This, Ethan McCade observed as he precariously balanced across the narrow sill. He’d tried to step around the baby boxwood shrub below but he miss-timed his jump and was now stuck with his good hip settled just inside window while his bad hip hung out. Ethan clenched his gut muscle, jerked his pelvis and released his belt buckle from its jam. An act he instantly regretted. He did want kids one day after all.

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