They’re Not Interested in Me

By : Leo Zarko

My pockets aren’t deep, in fact they have holes

Jeans and t-shirts are the extent to my clothes

My car is a four cylinder not a fancy V8

I write impressive profiles, yet never have a date

If you robbed my house, not much will you find

I’m a thinker, but they’re not interested in my mind

I’m genuine and never expect more than I can give

I can’t deliver promises so I’ll live how I live

Being up front and honest is the best way to go

They say what they want; I say it’s good that they know

It’s okay if they’re not interested in me

I’ll find the right one and then we can be we

My list of qualification consist of few demands

I’d like a warm heart, smile and gentle hands

No need to search the world, I’m only looking for one

When our days are cloudy we’ll be each others sun

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