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Winter Reading Challenge Beaten!


for beating the Winter Reading Challenge

(or should I say demolishing it?)

We had 108 entries from Main alone! WOW!

So for those who don’t know anything about this…

I must now dress up in COSTUMES for a full week during Spring Break!

So come see me at the Main Library (all costume decisions are subject to change and I will let you know ahead of time if I have to change something out for any reason!)

Monday, March 26 when I will be dressed like Aphrodite (the goddess of love)

Tuesday, March 27 when I will be dressed as a Boffin from the Steam-punk novels by Scott Westerfeld (first book is Leviathan)

(okay so I couldn’t find an image for this that wasn’t copyrighted, but Scott Westerfeld has a bunch of fan artwork that fits the description http://scottwesterfeld.com/blog/category/leviathan/page/3/ )

Wednesday, March 28 when I will be dressed as a guy! (yes that’s right. one of the T.A.B. boys told me I must do this costume beard and all.)

Thursday, March 29th when I will be dressed as THING 1


Saturday, March 31st come see me at EOLA because that is when the TAB Olympics happens.

I will be dressing up like someone from the Hunger Games.

Oh and thats not all. I’m not the only one dressing up!!  No, no!

Angie from Eola Road Branch and Pat from the West Branch are dressing up too.

(here they are after last years Winter Reading Challenge was broken)

(and here is me and last years winner of the Winter Reading Challenge who got to dye my hair!) I still can’t believe I used to be blond before this!

Naruto Vol. 25 by Masashi Kishimoto (Grade 8, Eola)

Following vol. 24, Sasuke is going to Orochimaru, who promised power to Sasuke for revenge, and Naruto is determined to stop him, even by forced, as he promised Sakura. After the seal on his neck has been partly released, Sasuke gains some power. He has a flash back about his brother, about how Itachi changed and eventually killed all memebers of the Uchiha Clan, except for Sasuke and himself. In a part of the flashback, Itachi tells Sasuke that in order to get the Mangekyo Sharingan, a higher level than Sharingan, he had to kill his closet friend, and that Sasuke must do the same to become strong enough to get revenge. So, Sasuke fights Naruto, and this volume ends with them both using their most powerful move, the Chidori and Rasengan.

Another great volume of Naruto, though with less action than others, but still a great read for Naruto fans, and is not to be missed.

Naruto Vol. 24 by Masashi Kishimoto (Grade 8, Eola)

In Naruto Vol. 24, Naruto is fighting Kimimaro, the last of the Kaguya Clan who won’t let Naruto interfere with Orochimaru’s plans. Meanwhile, Shikamaru is fighting Tayuya and Kiba fighting Sakon and Ukon, and both are struggling. Lee comes to help Naruto, and Naruto chases Sasuke who came out of the barrel. But it seems like Lee isn’t strong enough to defeat Kimimaro. Just when it seems like the end for Lee, Shikamaru and Kiba, the Sand ninjas, apparently now allies of Konoha, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro comes to the rescue. Temari and Kankuro defeats their opponents without too much trouble, while even Gaara struggles to defeat Kimimaro, and Lee is in no condition to help. At the end of the volume, Naruto catches up with Sasuke at the border between the two villages.

Another enjoyable volume filled with nonstop action and plenty of suspense that’ll have you turning page after page until the end of the book, Naruto fans (guys and girls) will love this volume.

Skip Beat! Vol. 5 by Yoshiki Nakamura (Grade 8, Eola)

In Skip Beat! Vol. 5, Kyoko gets her job as the chicken “Bo” back after getting fired, because the fans liked her. Then, Kyoko goes to an audition for a commercial, and finds Moko there too, who’s Kyoko’s friend and rival from the same company and Love-Me Section who won’t talk to her. There’s also a snobby rich girl who uses her money and family background to get roles, and she want to get this role too and beat Moko again. After the first round goes badly for Kyoko and Moko, Moko wants to quit. Kyoko manged to convince her she should stand up to the rich girl and don’t let her crush Moko’s dreams. Then the director who saw what happened with Kyoko and Moko, decided to change the rules, so the the next rounds will be competed in pairs, and 2 people can be in the commercial. Kyoko and Moko ended up being pairs, but the rich girl protested that it’s not fair since they’re from the same agency, so they shouldn’t need rehearsal time, and Moko agreed to i t. So now, they have to act out a situation, where 2 best friends, A-Ko and B-Ko, likes the same guy, and when A-Ko confessed, the guy said he likes B-Ko, without discussing it.

This is another great volume, with friendship and suspense, and we’ll see some great acting and drama. If you liked the previous volumes, this one’s not to be missed.

Skip Beat! Vol. 4 by Yoshiki Nakamura (Grade 8, Eola)

Skip Beat! is a great series, and I’m surprised that it’s not more widely recognized. The main plot is about a girl named Kyoko, who followed her childhood friend and true love, Sho, to Tokyo. When she found out that he was just using her for labor and work money until he became famous, Kyoko’s Pandora box was opened, and she became determined to join the showbiz  and become famous and get her revenge.

Following Vol. 3, Kyoko continues to play the big sister, Flora, who hates her little sister Angel (in the script though, Flora loves Angel), in an attempt to convince Angel that Father doesn’t hate her. Kyoko manged to do so by switching the lines and getting Angel to say Flora’s lines in the script, but still have to pay for the acting school despite the promise, because the other students claim it’s invalid since she started acting with Maria, who’s not a character, but a real girl going through the same thing as the character Angel. It’s hinted that Ren, a famous actor, might have known Kyoko when they were kids. Later, Kyoko winds up playing a chicken named Bo, and wearing a chicken suit as a replacement in the first episode of a new TV show. But when Sho shows up as the guest, she sees this as a once in a life time chance for revenge, but doing so could cost her her own acting career…

Skip Beat! is sometimes funny and light-hearted, and other times intense and serious. The mood and art style changes frequently, like when Kyoko is reminded of Sho, evil spirts may come out of her and the atmosphere becomes dark. I strongly recommend (especially girls) to try this manga before deciding.

Queste by Angie Sage (Grade 8, Eola)

Queste is the forth book in the Septimus Heap series, which also includes Magyk, Flyte, and Physik.

In this book, the adventure continues with Princess Jenna determined to rescue her brother (and Snorrie), who was trapped in another time, and Septimus Heap forced to go on a Queste, the doing of Tetris Fume with the help of Merrin. The Queste is a tradition that must be followed, in which during the Extra-Ordinary wizard’s apprentice’s last hour, he or she has to pick a stone from the Queste pot, and if it’s a Queste stone, the apprentice must go. While Sep was escaping from the tower, Hilgrade, inhabited by a Thing, gives him a charm that’s actually the Queste Stone. So, without telling his friends about the Queste stone, Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle, set out to rescue Nicko and Snorrie, and try to overcome whatever may stand in their way. Queste is a great sequel not unlike the other books in its series, filled with adventure, action and suspense.

Also, if you liked books such as The Lightning Thief, Fablehaven and The Alchemist series, but have not read this series, then you should try it out, starting with Book 1, Magyk.

After the Funeral (Grade 9, Eola)


The little Belgian detective Hercule Poirot returns in this novel, with a case more mystifying than ever.

            Richard Abernathy did not have much left to live for, with the early death of his only son and heir, and his failing health, so nobody was surprised when he died in his sleep a couple months later.  That is, until his sister Cora announces over his body- “But he was murdered, wasn’t he?”

            The next day, Cora Lansquenet is found bludgeoned to death in her small cottage.

            At once, all the attendees of the funeral are brought into suspicion.  Who wanted to silence Cora?  Was it her invalid brother or his over-protective wife?  Was it the calculating niece?  The seemingly genteel sister-in-law?  Only Hercule Poirot, the detective with an egg-shaped head, can sort out the different pieces of the puzzle and zero in on the killer with the cold accuracy of an arrow which has found its mark.

            Readers trying Agatha Christie for the first time should not start with this book; while not exactly boring, only die-hard Poirot fans would actually enjoy this story.  Though it dragged at certain parts, I was just as surprised at the final revelations as the rest of the characters.

princess lessons 11th grade main

princess lessons by meg cabot was pretty funny most of the tips the author put in there i wouldnt use in my every day life but some of them like being kind and being me are thiings that  any one can use. i read it in one day since it was so small i have been wanting to read it for some time now but i never got around to it until now and let me just say it was really good (this kinda has nothing to do with the story but i all so loved the movie and i love anne hathway  so that is a extra plus ) all so i like how the author put some comments from the princess herself in there if i could rate this book from one to ten i would give it ten thumbs up!!!! this book i will be passing on to anyone who wants to read something fun!

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak (Grade 8, Main)

Book Jacket

Ed Kennedy knows that the bank robber’s gun is useless. So that didn’t stop him from messing around with his friends.

Even at “gun point”.

But Ed just wants to move on with his life. So in a series of rather… let’s just leave it at some events happened, and that’s how Ed got to carry on with his life as an underage cab driver (He’s nineteen).

Then, not too long after the attempted bank robbery incident, Ed receives a card in the mail. This is not a greeting card or Christmas card, but an actual card from a playing deck.

It’s  a joke from one of his  friends, perhaps? After all they play cards every week.

But written on the Ace of Diamonds are three addresses.

And than he gets a phone call.

And his life changes forever.

This book was absolutely, fantastically, magnificent. I loved it and that’s something I don’t say about every book. I think… But it really was a book that everyone should read. There are morals in the story that everyone can learn from. It’s very funny also and that just makes the book all the more enjoyable. Great book!!!

Eva Underground by Dandi Daley Mackall (Grade 8, Main)

Book Jacket

Eva Lott’s senior year in high school is running smoothly. Really she didn’t think things could go any better. She just made the varsity swim team, her best friend is really the best friend ever, and she’s dating the best-looking girl in school.

Great, right?

Then her Dad tells her they’re moving to Poland. Communist Poland. He tells her that they’re moving there to help with a radical underground movement.

So she’s going to be uprooted from her comfortable home in Chicago and replanted in a totally new country.

She’s angry. Absolutely furious.

They don’t even know anyone in Poland!!! They don’t have meat in their stores, pepperoni pizza, or records. (Takes place in 1978)

Not to mention the oh, so paranoid government who are always watching everyone’s move.

So she’s decided that as soon as she gets there she’s going to plan an escape back to America, because there’s no way she’s going to be able to endure months of cold baths and the rude militia men.

But, something happens during the weeks she stays there.

Poland begins to grow on her, and so do the people, especially Tomek…

This book was pretty good. It went by pretty fast and the characters developed quickly. It  also gave you a bit of a history lesson.