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Book – Maid of Wonder by Jennifer McGowan

Maid of Wonder by Jennifer McGowan

maid of wonder

This is book 3 and it wont be published for a while. Big thanks to the Publisher and to edelweiss.com for the pre-pub copy.  It is due out August 25th 2015. I am in love with these characters! They are so fantastic! Sophia Dee is one of those characters that sticks with you and I’m so glad that this book is from her perspective.


Book – When by Victoria Laurie


Maddie Fynn has always seen numbers on the forehead of every person she has ever met.  Even when she was small. When she was first taught what numbers are she drew a picture of her parents and herself and wrote in the numbers for each of them. She didn’t know that the numbers meant that her dad would die one year from when the picture was made. Now a Junior in high school her mom makes her do readings for people for money and then drinks herself into a stupor. Everyone in school thinks both Maddie and her mother are witches. They bully her at school and she only has one friend, Stubs. He is there to wipe down her trashed bicycle seat everyday. It was a normal routine until the day she warned someone that their son would die next week. She tried her best to warn the mother, but she wouldn’t listen, so when her son disappeared Maddie jumped to the top of the FBI’s suspect list. With the FBI watching her carefully she is tormented at school and the principal does nothing to stop it. So when the girl that Stubs is crushing on has a death date coming soon she says she cant do anything, but Stubs talks her into trying to warn the girl, but the FBI is still watching and so is the real killer!

I read an advance reader copy of this with the title “Death Date.”  It was a book I couldn’t put down. I wanted to read it straight through, and if life didn’t get in the way I would have.  I think the ending could have been left a bit more ambiguous, and she forgave the FBI agent far too quickly. Stubs should have asked for compensation for all the trouble he went through and someone should have thought about the test when she was much younger to prove to people she could do it. It probably should have been brought up at the very beginning of all the drama. Overall a great read and I hope this author continues to write teen lit.

Book – Shadowlands by Kate Brian


Being targeted by a murderer, Rory and her family have been sent into witness protection, but the murderer follows close on their trail. They end up on an island with an odd fog that settles every night. People disappear and nobody really notices except for Rory. With her sister being mad at her and her dad being to busy with life and missing their mother to pay attention to his girls everything comes to light now that they are in hiding.

I figured out the end of this book as soon as they got to the island. This is one of those books that just don’t appeal to me. With a name like Shadowlands how can I not figure it out?The story isn’t believable because no FBI agent would send a family into hiding without an FBI presence to get them there and get them settled.

Book – P.S. I still love you by Jenny Han

P.S. I still love you by Jenny Han

ps i still love you

I fell in love with these characters in the first book. And now in the second they are all back and another boy is in the mix from her original letters! I think she picked the wrong boy, but that’s just my opinion. Overall a great book and a great series! A must read for anyone who likes a little bit of drama with their romance.

Book – Most Likely to Succeed by Jennifer Echols

most likely to succeed

Kaye and her boyfriend Aiden were picked as most likely to succeed. However, the Juniors put in charge of counting the votes mucked it all up. Kaye was supposed to be paired with Sawyer as the Perfect couple that never was. Aiden has not been what anyone would call a great boyfriend. He is happy when Kaye fails at something and makes her feel like she never does anything right. Sawyer who was picked as most likely to go to jail is really a sweet guy (pelican). Yes, he has been the ultimate player of the school, but he has always had a crush on Kaye who has been in a relationship with Aiden since before they met.  With Sawyer trying to clean up his act and Kaye and Aiden arguing more and more it may be time for Kaye to start speaking up for herself and be the woman she was raised to be, and maybe give Sawyer a chance.

I absolutely love this series. Huge thanks to edelweiss.com and the publisher for the e-pre-pub of the book! This series had me from the first sentence of the first book. Huge smiles and *big feels* for each book. When I see the next book in this series I have a complete fangirl moment and Skwee, before diving right in to the story and read the whole book in a day. With this one the ending seemed a bit rushed to me, but it is a pre-pub copy so that could be fixed by the time its released. As for the story in this one, I have to say in the first book I really didn’t like Sawyer that much, but book two and this one have had him grow into someone really sweet, if still a class clown.  I knew I would like Kaye, but her mom is a piece of work, but if I had ever talked back to my mom the way she does at times I would have been grounded forever and she wouldn’t ever go back on a grounding. I love all all three books stories pick up where the last left off only from a different point of view and we get to find out what is happening with the characters we have already fallen in love with as the story progresses. I really hope the author plans to do a book down the line with these characters in college or wherever they do decide to go.



Book – One of the Guys by Lisa Aldin

One of the Guys by Lisa Aldin

one of the guys

Toni has grown up as one of the guys. She and her best friends (all guys) Ollie, Cowboy and Loch spend their time looking for the monster in the lake. The summer before senior year Toni gets the bright idea to moon the principal and it gets both her and Ollie in trouble. Now for senior year she must attend an all girls school with plaid shirts and everything! But being away from her boys is hard on her. She doesn’t know how to get along with girls. Then she meets Emma who has boy troubles of her own. Together with the boys they embark on a business adventure to bring Toni’s two worlds together. A Rent-A-Gent service to help provide the perfect cover for girls in need at their school. It gets the boys money and they need it all for different reasons. Everything goes fine until Toni starts to fall for one of her boys.

I couldn’t put this book down and read till about 1am when I finished the book! SO adorable! Toni is clueless about a lot of things, but I fell in love with the boys and their personalities. Emma was the perfect person to help usher Toni into womanhood. Plus Micah is the ultimate boy next door!

Loved this book. Must read more by this author!

Book – The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

girl at midnight

Echo is a thief who was raised by the Owla. Growing up surrounded by the Avicen and getting to be a part of their underground secret world is unheard of for a human. The humans don’t know about the Avicen, but Echo is special. When she steals a gift for the Owla’s birthday Echo has put into motion life changing events. The Drakhain and the Avicen have been at war for centuries. Legend says the only way to end the fighting is to claim the Firebird! Echo will have to go on a hunt for the legendary Firebird, but she is not the only one looking for this myth. The leader of the Avicen military, the Prince of the Drakhain, and his sister that runs the Drakhain military and wants the throne for herself are all looking for the Firebird as well.

A love story reminiscent of Daughter of Smoke and Bone! Loved this book and can’t wait to get my hands on book 2! I listened to the audio and I have to say that I kept getting hungry as i read this book! the descriptions of food are mouth watering. Love the story. Some issues with some of the supporting characters, but that’s to be expected.

Book – Until the Beginning by Amy Plum

Until the Beginning by Amy Plumuntil the beginingAfter I finished book 1 I was ready to have book 2 in my hand. Now after a year of waiting I finally get it and it didn’t disappoint.

When last we left off Miles had just undergone the right and Juneau was trying to save him from dying on the way to save her people from their captors. Now as she waits to see if Miles will wake up Juneau must get them both to safety.  With so many after them these two are on their own and if Miles doesn’t wake up then Juneau will be on her own to save her people.

Book – Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

seeker 2

Quin grew up wanting to be a hero. A Seeker! Together with her two best friends John and Shinobu they would travel the world saving people. Quin loves John and would do almost anything for him and Shinobu is her cousin and they have been friends since she can remember. Now as the time approaches everyone is trying to talk her out of finishing her training. But when she does, it isn’t what she thought it would be.  John was saved from finishing the training because Quin’s dad never intended for him to finish. Now John is out to get what Quin’s dad stole from his family, even if it means he has to go to unspeakable lengths to get it.

Loved this! The daggers are something that makes it seem more real. Are the 3 Druids? So Many questions! Loved it!


Book – Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer

Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer


Jam was sent to a boarding school where all electronics are banned. She has been cut off from the world except by pay phone. Depressed about the death of her boyfriend she doesn’t want to be part of everyday life. She just wants to stay in bed. But this semester may just change everything. She was signed  up for “Special Topics in Literature,” a class that everyone wants, but few get in. When she writes in the journal the teacher gave her she is transported to a place where her boyfriend is still alive. But every time she writes in the journal she fills up 5 pages. What happens when the journal is full?

I listened to the audio of this and was loving the book so much I didn’t want to leave my car! Having read Bell Jar I was prepared to be depressed, but I found this book highly entertaining and a bit of a mystery at times. It didn’t go where I thought it was going to go, but I loved it all the same! It surprised me and had me thinking about how much we depend on technology in our everyday lives as well. Highly recommend for anyone who is having a hard time about something or just likes a good book with a bit of a mystery.