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Book – 5th wave by Rick Yancey

5th wave by Rick Yancey

5th wave

THEY came in waves and nobody has seen what THEY look like. The alien invaders that have exterminated the planet of almost all human life. THEY wont even tell us what THEY want. THEY have just been systematically killing us off. Cassie (Cassiopeia) thinks she may be the last human on the face of the Earth. Her mom died in the plague. Her brother was stolen by THEM (pretending to be soldiers). Her dad was shot and killed by the same ones who took her baby brother. Now she is on her own. Hiding. Waiting. Surviving. Then she is shot by one of THEM. Instead of cowering, she decided to face her enemy, but he is gone. When she meets Evan she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Is he human or is he one of THEM? Who can tell anymore?

Intense! I listened to the audio of this one and WOW! There is so much happening in this book. The cute guy she never had the courage to talk to in school has his own storyline that brings the story together. I can’t wait to read book 2! If you like a good Sci-fi novel then pick this one up. Yes there are some slow points, its a 457 page book, but it is worth the challenge!

Book – Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

boy nobody

He is a trained assassin. He gets the job done with no one the wiser. In and out of some unsuspecting kids life, there to kill a parent and gone soon after with nobody knowing it was him. He kills his target, no questions asked, until her meets her, Sam. The new mission is to kill her father, the mayor of New York. His normal timeline has been cut down. He has no time to delay. The sooner he completes his mission the better, but why does he have to kill such a great guy? How can Sam see through his lies so easily? Why does this mission affect him so much?

Do not start reading this book thinking you will put it down! You won’t. Instead if you are like me you will be up half the night saying “one more chapter” until the book is done. I loved how you don’t know the main character’s name until you are over halfway through the book and even then its because of a flash back to when he was recruited or kidnapped. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat and there are at least 2 books that come after it so you know that not everything you want to know will be reviled in book one.

Book – Swim the Fly by Don Calame

Swim the Fly by Don Calame

swim the flyMatt and his two best friends Sean and Coop come up with a goal each summer for them to complete. This year the goal is impossible for these 15-year-olds. The goal is to see a real live naked girl before the end of summer. As the boys are attempting this in a number of outrageous ways Matt has managed to set another impossible goal for himself. To swim the 100 butterfly so he can impress a girl. Matt, being who he is, is one of the worst swimmers on the swim team, but when they need a volunteer for the hardest event and nobody steps up, Matt decides that it will impress Kelly West if he could actually do it.

I could not stop laughing. I listened to this in my car and I have to say the person who reads it is a master at the art! The author has made a book that is funny and realistic in a way that took me back to when I was a teen. The boys can be clueless at times, but what 15-year-old boy every understands girls anyway? The story had me laughing, but I have to say I was proud of Matt for sabotaging the boys attempts in the changing room. Even Grandpa Arlo had me laughing as he attempts to woo the recently widowed neighbor. If you want a fun read then pick this one.


Book – Say what you will by Cammie McGovern

Say what you will by Cammie McGovern

say what you will

Amy was born with cerebral palsy. Matthew has OCD. These two teens have never really had friends, but their senior year that changes. Amy makes the decision to make friends by paying them to help her during the school day instead of her adult helpers. And since Matt was the one who sparked the idea she asks him to apply for the job. As they work together they get to know each other more and more. Amy didn’t know that Matt has OCD, neither did Matt really, but as their friendship grows they both want to be more then friends but neither is really saying it. There is a lot they aren’t saying to each other.

I completely agree with Matt about Sanjay. I’m honestly surprised that Amy’s mother didn’t hear what was happening or act on what did happen. There are a lot of those types of inconsistency’s in the story, but overall I really liked it. I know some people have issues with this book because they think it makes fun of illness’ or something, but I don’t see that. Maybe I don’t see that because I’ve never had to face these problems, but I give props to the author who can write this and make it work. I did however wish it had ended a little better then that last sentence.

Favorite Line in a Book from Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon


A little romance, a battle between good & evil, and friendship. Top that with hot guys and sword play. What more could you want in a book.

Deranged Homecoming Queen  was not the look for me.

Find the line in the book. Be the first to comment to this post, email, call or see Pat Schwartz at the West Branch with the answer of where is the line and receive a surprise.

One more thing, Destined for Doon is book 2.

Book – The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

Book – Treecat Wars (Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington #3) by David Weber, Jane Lindskold

Treecat Wars (Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington #3) by David Weber, Jane Lindskold

treecat wars

Stephanie and Climbs Quickly have been together for several years now, but they still aren’t completely able to communicate. So when Stephanie has to go off world to take classes for her job she has to figure out how to tell him that they are going off world. With limited communication she figures out how to explain it, but while she is gone her friends on Spinx, Jessica and Anders, have to help the treecats. The Fire Season caused so much damage that a lot of treecats are suffering. There is a lack of food in their territory and they can’t move to another since all the surrounding places are taken by humans or other groups of treecats. When war breaks out between treecats Jessica and her treecat companion to stop the war and find the starving treecats a new home without letting on to all the new scientists on the planet, some of whom want to make sure to show the treecats as non-sentient beings or just dangerous to humans.

I want more books in this series! I’m sad that it ends here! I’ve become attached to Climbs Quickly and to the rest of the characters in the story. I really hope the author continues their story. You can’t help but fall in love with the idea of Treecats. I hope  there is a planet out there somewhere where they live and I hope that humanity one day finds it. you’d think they would study human history and at some point recall what happened to the Native Americans and then think “hey maybe we shouldn’t send more people there” the second they figure out that they are sentient. This 3rd book does kind of branch off into two completely separate stories though. One on Spinx and the other on Manticore, but still I’m glad that we got to see from a different treecat perspective as well as from Climbs Quickly’s it made the story even better.

Book – Homeland (Little Brother #2) by Cory Doctorow

Homeland (Little Brother #2) by Cory Doctorow


Marcus Yallow has had to drop out of college because both parents are now without a job and the family can’t afford to pay for his education. He has been looking for work, but had already made plans to head to the Playa for the Burning Man event. There he is approached by his old nemesis, Masha. She is in trouble and if she disappears she needs someone she can trust to leak what she knows. Bringing back his old group of friends “Mikey” is up to his old tricks. But the government is up to their old tricks as well and the information that Masha hands Marcus could bring about a new civil war. With his new job as the web master for a political campaign candidate who might be able to actually make a difference, Marcus still has to be careful. His past as “Mikey” has him watched by not only the government and private companies that want him stopped, but also by experienced hackers who know more then him. Marcus has his work cut out for him in this second book!

I listened to the audio because of who was reading it. Wil Wheaton! And to my surprise Wil Wheaton makes an appearance in the book! Made me smile. I remember when I read Little Brother that Marcus was just a normal teen until he got fed up with the way the government was handling everything. Being held against your will and tortured for information (without getting to tell your parents what happened to you after the terrorist attack, just disappearing on them) will make you want to seek revenge on the agency that did that to you. But Marcus started a revolution with an x-box! Now he is at it again the corruption in the government is there and they have kidnapped Masha! But this time he isn’t fully in control of anything. There are others that want to leak the files Masha gave him to the world. I did feel as if this just stopped. There should have been more of a conclusion, but this is a great story all the same. I took my time getting around to reading it, but I’m really glad I listened to the audio. that made it so much better, plus you have to love Cory Doctorow and his visionary methods.



Book – Time’s Edge (The Chronos Files #2) by Rysa Walker

Time’s Edge (The Chronos Files #2) by Rysa Walker

times edgeIn order to stop her insane Grandfather Saul, Kate must travel through time and gather all the Chronos Keys from all the other agents that were in the field at the time of the explosion. With her Grandmother getting mean from her cancer, and her parents away, the only people she can talk to are Trey (who can’t be a part of everything she has to do) and Kiernan (a boy from the past who “knew” her in an alternate timeline and is in love with her). With Cyrists out to kill her and jumping through time to repeat days there is a good chance she is going to wear herself out soon. She wants to be with Trey, but the obstacles are piling high. He isn’t really her Trey. And she can’t be the same Kate that Kiernan fell in love with either. But her love life may have to wait as the depravity of Saul’s mind really comes to light when she discovers what he intends for the culling.

The ending left me in a panic. I have to wait a year for book 3? But the authors website gave me enough details to make that okay. This is a story that can be hard to follow if you can’t handle the time jumps, but if you can it is a story that will leave you wanting more! I want to know why she doesn’t just jump to a time before her Aunt started jumping through time and explain to her that her father is insane. It would change the time line, then she just needs to get the keys from all the Cyrists. That would be hard, but not completely impossible. They tend to gather in one place often enough.  But maybe I’m missing something. But I need to know what happens next!

Book – Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole

Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole

dead of winterEvie escapes Death and all the comforts that come with the safety of his home so that she can go save Jack who was captured by the twins. When she gets to where the Fool has told her to go she finds that several Arcana have gathered in one place and Jack is the leader of an army. In order to save Jack she will have to do things that only the Empress are her full power could manage. But when Death discovers her gone he rides out to help her. Now she is forced to make a decision. Jack or Death meanwhile the war between the Arcana rages around them all and nobody is safe from the war.

Each time I read one of the books in this series I feel like I get pulled into the story. I think I finished this in less then a day. I was completely absorbed into the story and by the end I felt like a puddle on the floor. Now I must wait a full YEAR to find out what happens next. In order to not give anything away with this one I need to not give too much detail but I have to say this one thing. The plot twists just keep on coming in this one. Rock on Kresley Cole and if you ever need someone to read ANYTHING I am completely willing, but I may be no help since I Love your writing and can’t really critique it.