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Spring Break & a Question

How was your Spring Break?

In case you missed it there are a bunch of pictures of the teen librarians in costumes on the blog and on the Teen Facebook page. I hope you enjoy. Did you have a favorite costume?

What do you think we should do next year for the challenge? Last year we dyed our hair, this year was costumes. What should next years Winter Reading Challenge be for?

Saturday at the TAB Olympics!


Angie (in Capitol Couture), Hannah (dressed as Katniss) & Amy Roth (standing in for Pat) lead the Teen Advisory Boards from all the locations in the TAB Olympics!

West Branch was loosing until the very last game when they came from behind and won the coveted trophy!

Day 4 costumes

Well the butterfly that got loose out at west branch is Pat & Thing 1 escaped being put back in the box and is running free at Main (Hannah)

Sorry, but I’m posting this a day early, because I will not be able to post on Friday.

I hope to see you all at Eola on Saturday to cheer for your Teen Advisory Board and meet them all!

Wednesday Costumes

Pat and I show off our costumes on Wednesday.

I’m dressed as a random guy because Cesar (one of my T.A.B. members) said I should be a guy at least one day if the teens won. Everyone was calling me Man-ah all day. So many double takes directed in my direction. Some people even thought my beard was real.

I still can’t believe that you all read 920 books when we asked you to read 200!

You all Rock!

Tuesday Costumes!!!!

Here we are yesterday on day 2 a Pirate, a Gypsy, and Simi the demon who eats people with BBQ sauce from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books.

Have you seen your Librarian lately?

Since the TEENs crushed the winter Reading Challenge Angie (Eola Road), Hannah (Main Library), and Pat (West Branch) have been dressing up all Spring Break!!!

We asked for 200 books to be read and we had over 920 books read!! Congrats!

Here are Mondays Outfits…

Hannah’s Challenge!

I decided to challenge myself to post something every day of March to this Blog! I have been neglecting my blogger duties of late. So this is my goal. Even if I am not working I will find a way to post here to you lovely people!

So to start off I thought I would talk about the HUNGER GAMES!!!!

First, as you can see there is a really interesting program coming to the Main Library. It consists of 4 challenges! No, NOBODY is going to die like in the  Hunger Games Books. Ours is based on points. The four challenges are: trivia, the cornucopia run, a physical challenge, and a special game I made myself. It is two days before the Movie comes out!!!!

Speaking of the Movie… Did you know that 3 of the actors who are characters from the movie will be at the Fox Valley Mall this month? According to this article…


the will be here March 7th! That’s Wednesday!

Something else Hunger Games is happening at the library as well. Starting tomorrow there will be a trivia contest out at the Library locations that you will need to have turned in by March 20th. We will then be choosing winners to get movie tickets.

So is anyone else excited about the HUNGER GAMES?


Just met Tamora Pierce!!!!

I grew up loving Tammy’s books! I started with Alana: The First Adventure and now 15 years later I’m starting her newest book Mastiff this weekend! I will fully admit to turning into a fan-girl from back when I first read Alana when I met her yesterday. It was so fantastic to meet one of the women who first got me reading for fun. I have been trying to meet her for going on 15 years and every time I have gotten close to meeting her something has happened where I couldn’t get away or she couldn’t show up. Now after having met her I think she is doubly awesome. If you haven’t ever read anything please, please read them! They are some of my all time favorites!

For those who don’t know much about Tammy’s books here’ a recap:

(Song of the Lioness Series)





  1. Alana: the First Adventure
  2. In the Hand of the Goddess
  3. The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
  4. Lioness Rampant

Alana and her twin brother change the letters their father gave them so that Alana can disguise herself as a boy called Alan and become a knight while her twin brother gets to learn to be a Mage.  Thus begins the trials and tribulations that come with hiding her true identity from even her new found friends and her Prince. This is a romantic adventure series that leads the reader in some really interesting situations. Knights, ladies, fighting, horseback riding, bullies, magic, and mayhem flourish in these four books!


(Immortals Series)







  1. Wild Magic –
  2. Wolf Speaker –
  3. Emperor Mage –
  4. Realms of the Gods

Daine has always had a knack with animals and when the royal horse mistress discovers her talent she is hired on to help bring the ponies to the palace for the new set of pages & squires, but Diane is hiding a big secret she can talk to the animals. She has a magic like no other and it drove her mad. Only with the help of a wolf was she able to come back from the craziness. When she rescues a bird unlike any she has ever met she is soon introduced to her new teacher. A teacher that will help her discover the extremes that she can take her magical powers to. This series beings in creatures out of nightmares and dreams (yes this includes dragons). I love this series and not just because of the teacher, Numair, but for so many other reasons.


(Protector of the Small Series)







  1. First Test –
  2. Page –
  3. Squire –
  4. Lady Knight –

Keladry of Mindelan is the first girl to follow in Alana’s footsteps to become a knight. She has no special magical powers and no goddess looking out for her. It’s her alone and she is determined to be the best she can be. Kel is a born leader, even if the boys don’t always see it. Piled with homework that will never get done and beaten till she is black and blue on the practice field she will never give up and she is the one that many will turn to in a time of need because she is a protector. Now if only she could conquer her fear of heights.


(Daughter of the Lioness)







  1. Tricksters Choice –
  2. Trickstes Queen

Alana’s daughter is all grown up and unlike her mother she has no interest in becoming a knight. She wants to follow in her fathers footsteps.

(Beka Cooper Series)








  1. Terrier –
  2. Bloodhound –
  3. Mastiff –

Long before the days of Alana there were women warriors. They where involved in defending the city and one of them was Beka Cooper. She was a dog (think police force) like no other. She got messages from the dead who rode on the backs of pigeons and she heard whole conversations that could have taken place anytime in the city by listening to the dust devils that roamed the city.

(Circle of Magic Series)









  1. Sandry’s Book –
  2. Triss’ Book –
  3. Daja’s Book –
  4. Briar’s Book –

Four teens with odd magical powers that make no sence to normal magitians end up being sent to live with the two women of Winding Circle. There these four misfits discover more about their strange powers and how to wield them. Sandry has power over a lit when she weaves, Triss can cause major damage when she gets upset (the weather tends to respond to her), Daja is a metal crafter with an odd gift, and Briar is a former thief with a massive green thumb. These four are put into an impossible situation and the only way to save themselves and everyone else is to weave their magics together.

(The Circle Opens)






  1. Magic Steps –
  2. Street Magic –
  3. Cold Fire –
  4. Shatterglass

Sadry, Triss, Daja, & Briar each have gone in different directions and have each discovered others with magic unlike any they have seen before and with their discovery they must now teach these new magicians in the ways of magic. Sandry discovers a dancer, Briar discovers a stone mage, Daja discovers two girls with ambient magic, and Triss discovers a glass blower with lightning magic not unlike her own. In each of these books there is some thing that they must defeat or get away from in order to save the day.

(Circle Reforged)







  1. The Will of the Empress –
  2. Melting Stones –

In Will of the Empress Triss, Briar, Sandry,  & Daja are reunited but things are not what they used to be and when Sandry’s uncle invites them to visit they have landed smack dab in a trap. Now they must find a way to work together again to save the day.

In Melting Stones Briar’s former student Evvy the stone mage must accompany Briar’s former teacher Rosethorn to an island that is having problems with dying plants and animals. When she realizes what is happening Evvy’s powers are the only thing that can help save lives.

(Short Story Collections)






  1. Tortall & Other Lands  –
  2. Young Warriors –

These story collection have stories that fill in gaps left between the other books. so if you fall in love with some of the characters you may find out more about what happened to them in the short stories.


   White Tiger (Graphic Novel) – need i say more?