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Eva Underground by Dandi Daley Mackall (Grade 8, Main)

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Eva Lott’s senior year in high school is running smoothly. Really she didn’t think things could go any better. She just made the varsity swim team, her best friend is really the best friend ever, and she’s dating the best-looking girl in school.

Great, right?

Then her Dad tells her they’re moving to Poland. Communist Poland. He tells her that they’re moving there to help with a radical underground movement.

So she’s going to be uprooted from her comfortable home in Chicago and replanted in a totally new country.

She’s angry. Absolutely furious.

They don’t even know anyone in Poland!!! They don’t have meat in their stores, pepperoni pizza, or records. (Takes place in 1978)

Not to mention the oh, so paranoid government who are always watching everyone’s move.

So she’s decided that as soon as she gets there she’s going to plan an escape back to America, because there’s no way she’s going to be able to endure months of cold baths and the rude militia men.

But, something happens during the weeks she stays there.

Poland begins to grow on her, and so do the people, especially Tomek…

This book was pretty good. It went by pretty fast and the characters developed quickly. It  also gave you a bit of a history lesson.

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